Typical Stick Grip Switch Combinations for Aircraft withOUT Electric Flaps or Electric Canard Speed Brake:

#1 (thumb operated 4-way switch via China Hat) -- Pitch and Roll Trim. If you are not going to have Roll Trim or determine your plane rarely needs roll trim, mount the electric roll trim switch elsewhere and use the side-to-side motion of the trim switch for Comm Flip/Flop and Ident;

#2 (index finger) -- PTT

#3 (thumb side) -- Strobes ON/OFF (8636) push-button;

#4 (half way down, thumb side) -- Auxiliary Fuel Pump ON/OFF (8636) push-button;

#5 (pinky switch) -- Landing Light ON/OFF (8636) push-button, or Auto Pilot Disconnect [ONLY if you are flying autopilot coupled needles down to 500 feet AGL -- then I will need to know what kind of switch your auto pilot needs (8632 N.O., 8632 N.C., or 8636), or tell me what kind of auto pilot you are installing (I may already know what kind of switch you need)];

#6 (thumb operated, knuckle side of hand) -- Engine Start Normally Open (8632 N.O.) push-button ( relay not required ).

Just check the switch you want on the Order Form for positions 3, 4, 5 and 6, then mail, FAX or call your order in.


So when you are ready, click here for a combination Order Form and Wiring Schematic to print out. Fill in the top of the form, and all the other blanks, then just circle the switch you want on the Order Form for positions 3, 4, 5 and 6, and please don't forget to write in it's "Use". Then FAX, mail, e-mail, or call your order in. Don't forget your phone number, because if the "Use" doesn't match what you have circled on your Order Form, I'm going to call or e-mail you :-) .

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