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  • Designed by INFINITY Aerospace , the Infinity 1 High Performance Quick Build Kit Canard Sport Aircraft offers one of the largest cockpits in its class, with 80 cubic feet of interior passenger volume.  Headroom is 36.0 inches in the front and 35.0 inches in the rear seats.

    At only $39,995.00, the Infinity 1 pre-preg and vacuum bag High Performance Quick Build Kit Sport Aircraft comes equipped with ALL airframe parts and hardware; wings, winglets and canard come complete in primer paint, pre-molded bulkheads and ribs, fuselage and strakes ( top and bottom ) pre-molded in primer paint, as well as antennas, conduits and heat ducts installed.  This means the basic VFR Infinity 1 can be completed in only 600 to 1000+ hours!

    The Infinity 1 also sports two of the most innovative designs in canard aviation.  An electro-hydraulic retractable tricycle oleo strut landing gear comes standard with all Infinity 1 Quick Build Kits.  Boasting a 46 degree Turn-Over Angle ( TOA ), the oleo retract gear design has been drop tested at 2200 lbs. per FAR’s with the fuel tanks full of water, and is U.S. and Canadian FAA approved.  A steerable oleo nose strut with Lamb size tire also is standard.  This nose strut is designed to retract on deck and set the aircraft on it’s nose for easy ingress and egress for both the pilot and passenger(s).

    Current design options for the Infinity 1 include mounted baggage pods and pylons.  These pods and pylons provide an additional 5+ cubic feet of cargo space.  Added to the standard 20 cubic feet in the strakes and cockpit, this gives the Infinity 1 well over 25 cubic feet of baggage area.

    If you’re looking for the best in aviation products, continue looking to INFINITY Aerospace .  Behind our name lies a philosophy of maintaining an international viewpoint, and remaining dedicated to supplying aviation products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.

    The final prototype is complete except for the Big Buck items — the instrument panel, and the firewall aft.

    Check out this link for MANY more details = What Else?

    Infinity 1 pages updated 05 / 17 / 2016 by JD


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  • The Infinity 1 Retractable Oleo Strut Main Landing Gear also fits other Canard aircraft ; i.e — fits the Long-EZ (LE), Cozy III, Cosy, Cosy Classic, Cozy MK-IV and AeroCanard .  BUT, it will NOT fit the E-Racer, Berkut nor Velocity because their center section spar is not a LE box style spar, and the E-Racer spar must also be lengthened at least 18″ ; does not fit the Vari-EZE or Speed Canard ( wrong kind of center section spar, and their spar is too short ); or Defiant and Velocity ( besides their spars, the planes GW is too heavy ) — sorry.

    Canard Retractable Main Gear pages updated  12 / 29 / 2016  by  JD

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  • Emergency Release Valve and Blow Down Bottle ( click here for a *.jpg pic ) — used as the Emergency Backup in our Infinity 1 for lowering the landing gear; also being used in the Viper Jet, Glasair’s, Lion Heart, Radial Rocket and other Sport Aircraft; just turn the ‘T’ handle clockwise to release the UP hydraulic pressure back to the tank / reservoir, then continue to turn the ‘T’ handle to puncture the 850 PSI / 5 gal. vol. CO^2 bottle — the Emergency Release Valve is $200.00 each via cash, check or money order / $208.00 each credit card price, the CO^2 Blow Down Bottle is $25.00 each via cash, check or money order / $26.00 each via credit card price, plus S & H , and CA Sales Tax ( if you live in CA ).

    Emergency Release Valve page updated 05 / 17 / 2016 by JD

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  • Canard and Non-canard GREEN / RED / BLUE lighted Retract Handle with DPDT Lever Lock Gear Switch ( 12 VDC / 7.5 amp ; or 24 VDC / 4 amp ) — when the gear is DN, the gear handle LED light is GREEN ; Gear in Transit or is Unsafe — or the Canard Retract Handle and Switch is in the Center OFF position — the LED light in the gear handle is RED ; Gear UP the gear handle LED light is OFF, or BLUE like amphibian and float planes do ( your choice ).  Only weighs 3.3 oz.

    LGS page updated  12/ 26 / 2016  by  JD

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    We don’t mean to upset you by asking you to read everything on my Stick Grip pages, but we offer a HUGE service to our customers ( no one else in the world does this ! ) by offering 65,536 switch combinations of Right and Left Hand matching Military Style Custom made Stick Grips, wired up with the switches of your choice, for only $200 / $208 cc each — ONLY ones like them in the world !  These Stick Grip pages are VERY helpful to you in figuring out which kind of switch you want in which position of your Custom Stick Grips.  In fact, probably 99.99+% of all your questions are answered on our web site.

    We have years of experience ( since Jan. 1994 ) in making our Stick Grips for thousands of customers, for thousands of aircraft, and hundreds of applications, world wide.  If you just pick up the phone to order without knowing which switches you want in which positions, you’ll end up spending a bit of time going back and forth on the phone researching out your needs and options.  The intent of my Stick Grip pages is to save you ( and us ) time and $money$ 🙂 .

    Soooo, PLEASE thoroughly read through all the information in the tabs below to help you figure out what switches you want installed in which positions in your Custom Stick Grips, extra length of cable you may want ( ~2.5 / ~76.2 cm feet of cable out of the bottom of the Stick Grip is standard ), whether or not you will need a spacer(s), and what size spacer you need, or order our ergonomic Stick Grip Pivot Spacer, co-pilot isolate switch, relays, and more.

    Again, thank you ever so much for your understanding and support !

    Stick Grip pages updated  03 / 23 / 2017  by  JD

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  • Stick Grip Pivoting Spacer ( SGPS ), mounted into the ID of your stick tube, allows our / your Stick Grip to pivot ~+/- 45° from center for better forearm to wrist ergonomics for MUCH better comfort WHILE you fly !

    To start, I’ll have Stick Grip Pivot Spacers ( SGPS ) for ~0.875″ OD and ~1.000″ OD stick tubes.
    Also, the SGPS will come with (3) 6/32 Stainless Steel Button-Head Socket Cap Screws, and (3) 6/32 stainless steel Nord-Lock Wedge Lock Washers, for mounting.

    Cost is only $75 / $78 cc each ; Now delivering.

    Challenge:  to keep production costs down so that we are not making 1 off custom Stick Grip Pivoting Spacers, I need to know the stick tube ID’s of all the Sport Aircraft on the market.  So, I’m collecting this data.  If you want to help, simply e-mail me the make and model of your Sport Aircraft, and your pilot and co-pilot stick tube ID’s of your Sport Aircraft ( please measure on 3 sides of the ID of your stick tube with a Vernier AFTER you deburr and clean up the ID of your stick tube so I can get an average of everyone’s stick tube ID’s ).  Thanks 🙂 .

    Stick Grip Pivoting Spacer updated  02 / 23 / 2017  by  JD

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  • [ 5/8″ spherical bearing ID ] and light weight housing for Flight Controls and Wing Root Aileron Bearings ( *.jpg ) for Canards, with installation hardware, instructions and pictures ( each entire assembly weighs only 2.9 oz. ) — $50 each via cash, check or money order / $52 each via credit card price, plus S & H ( click here for an assembly pic ).

    Wing Root & Flight Control Spherical Bearings for Canards

    page updated 05 / 17 / 2016 by JD

    INFO — I’ve looked at a few different plastic spherical bearings over the years in the hopes of finding something so I would not have to make my present Spherical Bearings for my Infinity 1 Wing Roots and Flight Controls.  I even purchased the Triangle, Mfg. FMN10 nylon spherical bearing that are contained in a flanged, stamped metal cage ( looks like metal that is used to make a soup can ) that both Aircraft Spruce and Wicks sell, that a few say to use for your canard plane.  But, after getting them, I concluded I wasn’t wild about having plastic bearings in my engine compartment ( in the wing roots OR on the firewall — even though there is a t h i n fire barrier at the wing root ).  Also, upon close examination of the workings of this plastic ball, when this plastic ball is *forced* to rotate, the pot metal tangs the pot metal housing is made from ( like what’s used for soup cans ) holding the ball, the tangs bind on the ball and shaves the plastic ball !  So, in time, the ball will rattle causing stick slop and probably flutter, and the tangs can still dig in causing binding ( maybe others aren’t as picky as I am :-\ ).  So any who, I didn’t like this either.  Therefore, I use my Spherical Bearings for my Infinity 1 Wing Roots and Flight Controls — so should you !  MANY ( most ) already do 🙂 .

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