Pre-Oiler and Back-Up Engine Oil Pump

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  • All-in-one geared electric Pre-Oiler AND Back-Up Engine Oil Pump ( a logical MUST HAVE for *ALL* kinds and types of engines, not just for aircraft and jet engines ).  Besides aircraft, our pumps are used in boats, sail boats, speed boats, race cars, pick-ups, cars, semi trucks, Tractor Pull vehicles, military vehicles, and much more!

    The average pilot, including airline pilot hours, fly on average only 40 hours per year !  Lycoming has an AD that says your engine begins to rust on the inside after only 2 days !!  The closer you can get your engine to a 2000+ hour TBO, the lower your cost per flight hour will be.  The ONLY way you will achieve this, like Jay Leno says, is to Pre-Oil your engine before Engine Start !!!  This goes for ANY engine — engines in aircraft, boats, sail boats, speed boats, race cars, pick-ups, cars, semi trucks, Tractor Pull vehicles, military aircraft and vehicles, and much more !!!  In fact, we already have our engine Pre-Oiler/Back-Up Oil Pumps flying on a WW II TBM-3 Avenger, a 1934 Cabin Waco that won the Oshkosh 2015 Vintage Grand Champion Award, a B-29 engine used on a tractor pull sled, Fairchild F24-R46, Swift, Edge 540 like what is used in Red Bull Races, 2700 twin turbo LSX race car, Triumph Spitfire car, T-6, MkXIV Spitfire, P-51, UH-34D helicopter, 2004 Pontiac GTO, P-40, GO480 Helio Courier, 450 Stearman, a train, 1964 E Jaguar, Bell Helo Lab, FW-190, Bonanza, H34J/S-58 Helo, on 2 Spitfires, 70 Chevelle w/1400 HP ( for his wife to get groceries with ), 2 of our GP303-24’s are on a PBY in New Zealand, and 2 of our GP303-24’s are on a North American B-25 for the CAF in TX,  4 on EAA’s B-17, besides on the other aircraft and vehicles listed on my web site.

    Also, you should run your Pre-Oiler at least weekly (probably  more — use a timer like used for batteries if you are away from your engine that you want to Pre-Oil) even if you don’t start your engine to keep things lubed all over.  Also, you should have spray nozzles for your cam &/or a hollow cam from FireWall Forword for your Lycoming.  Also, an old, very experienced, IA told me once that you should keep any engine warmed up to 60+ degrees all the time year round.  More info: once the pump is primed for 1st use, you do not need to prime it again because it self primes even when sitting for 5+ years.  No trouble drawing as much as 5′ vertical from source, and has been used around hot engines for 20+ years without a failure — the o-rings are made of Viton and are good to 400 degrees F.

        DELIVERY ( we ship anywhere in the world ) :  Simple — as soon as I receive your order with all your parts that you want, and your address and phone number, I will e-mail you your total.  When I receive your check, I will send you your pump and parts via Priority Mail with a tracking number.  Foreign orders can use a credit card.

    The FAA says because the pump is an external installation and a minor modification, a 337 is not required — just make a log book entry.  Our pumps are used in many military vehicles, too.

    You will receive an e-mail with a tracking number from when we mail your order to you; and if you are paying via credit card, you will receive an e-mail with a credit card receipt from Square Up.


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