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  • Stick Grip Pivoting Spacer ( SGPS ), mounted into the ID of your stick tube, allows our / your Stick Grip to pivot ~+/- 45° from center for better forearm to wrist ergonomics for MUCH better comfort WHILE you fly !

    To start, I’ll have Stick Grip Pivot Spacers ( SGPS ) for ~0.875″ OD and ~1.000″ OD stick tubes.
    Also, the SGPS will come with (3) 6/32 Stainless Steel Button-Head Socket Cap Screws, and (3) 6/32 stainless steel Nord-Lock Wedge Lock Washers, for mounting.

    Cost is only $75 / $78 cc each ; Now delivering.

    Challenge:  to keep production costs down so that we are not making 1 off custom Stick Grip Pivoting Spacers, I need to know the stick tube ID’s of all the Sport Aircraft on the market.  So, I’m collecting this data.  If you want to help, simply e-mail me the make and model of your Sport Aircraft, and your pilot and co-pilot stick tube ID’s of your Sport Aircraft ( please measure on 3 sides of the ID of your stick tube with a Vernier AFTER you deburr and clean up the ID of your stick tube so I can get an average of everyone’s stick tube ID’s ).  Thanks 🙂 .

    Stick Grip Pivoting Spacer updated  02 / 23 / 2017  by  JD

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