Stick Grip Pivoting Spacer ( SGPS )

Stick Grip Pivoting Spacer ( SGPS )

Our Stick Grip Pivoting Spacer ( SGPS ) is mounted into the ID of your stick tube which allows our / your Stick Grip to pivot ~+/- 45° from center for better forearm to wrist ergonomics, and for MUCH better comfort, all WHILE you fly !  You will even be able to flip your Stick Grip around to fly with your other hand for a while giving your primary flight hand a rest.


Our / your Stick Grip Pivot Spacers ( SGPS ) are for ~0.875″ OD and ~1.000″ OD, and larger OD, stick tubes, and are made from 6061-T6 material.  Also, the SGPS will come with (3) 6/32 Stainless Steel Button-Head Socket Cap Screws, (3) 6/32 stainless steel Nord-Lock Wedge Lock Washers, and 1 stainless steel Snap Ring, all for mounting.  Click here for how to install your SGPS.

Cost is only $75 cash or check / only $78 cc each, plus S & H.

You will receive an e-mail with a tracking number from when we mail your order to you; and if you are paying via credit card, you will receive an e-mail with a credit card receipt from Square Up.

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