Subject: Top Thirteen reasons for having a Parking Brake (PV-D) in a canard/non-aircraft (by Slade, Denk and Hull):

13. An endurance test of brake line integrity (how well you did at putting fittings on);

12. Holds plane from various (wind and prop wash) force temporarily till can run over and get chocks (if they are available);

11. When stopping on a sloped ramp, can get out of the airplane without it rolling all around;

10. Saves having to keep you're feet on the brakes during run-up;

9. Makes you feel less rushed during pre takeoff checks;

8. Helps you remember what it was like to fly a 172;

7. Stops the plane moving about the patio when you're working on the back end;

6. Lets you stop REALLY quickly if you engage it before touch down;

5. Gives you another lever in the cockpit to impress people with;

4. Something to scratch you're left knee on during long flights;

3. More weight at the front. Saves using ballast;

2. Another place to check for leaks;


and, finally, the number 1 reason for having a parking brake in a canard/non-aircraft (scroll down) . . .






1. Stops the plane from running off by itself (and jumping the chocks -- JD) and ramming a hanger (or another aircraft -- JD) when you hand prop it on full throttle! All of these things have happened all too often.