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Featured Products

Canard Retractable
Main Landing Gear

Professionally designed, engineered, and drawn in Solid Works.  All the main gear parts are CNC machined…

Infinity 1 Quick Build
Kit Sport Aircraft & UAV

Pre-preg and vacuum bag constructed kit, includes ALL airframe parts and hardware for the Quick Build Kit…

Military Style
Stick Grip ( HOS )

Our grips feature ergonomic design contoured to the shape of your fingers, and includes a fatigue reducing…

Gear Switch ( LGS )

Canard and Non-canard GREEN / RED / BLUE lighted Retract Handle with DPDT Lever Lock Gear Switch…

Emergency Release Valve
and Blow Down Bottle

Professionally designed, engineered, and drawn in Solid Works.  All the main gear parts are CNC machined…

Wing Root & Flight Control
Spherical Bearings

Bearings and light weight housing for Flight Controls and Wing Root Aileron Bearings for Canards…


Since our founding August 1980, INFINITY Aerospace  has set out to deliver the finest in aviation products.  To this end, we strive to make all our high quality products not just affordable, but to look great, feel great, and work great.

This goes for our service, too.  Because our customers are making an investment in evolving aviation technology, and our ability to provide a state-of-the-art product for them, we believe they deserve to develop a relationship with us that feels great and works great.  Our charge is to take our extensive experience and enthusiasm and deliver to our customer, not only an excellent product, but a tangible value as well . . .

Upcoming Events

Hope to see you all at Oshkosh 2023 !

          2023 – July 24-30   ;   2024 – July 22-28   ;   2025 – July 21-27

Thanks Loads to all those few who made it to Oshkosh 2018 !  Hope to see you all again at Oshkosh 2023, same building and booth:  Building A, Booth 1063

You can also pick up our Stick Grips and LGS at our distributor Aircraft Spruce ( Bldg. A, Booths 1022-1029; & Bldg. D, Booths 4113-4114 ).

AND, you can also see our Stick Grips on display in Aerotronics, MGL, Composite Design, TCW, and Trio-Avionics booths.

WOW — Oshkosh 2018 was my 35th Oshkosh, my 31st year exhibiting, my 27th year exhibiting consecutively, and my wife’s 28th year of both going to Oshkosh AND helping me exhibit ( she’s always a TREMENDOUS help, I could not do it with out her ) !!!


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Our Info

INFINITY Aerospace
During the apocalypse, call or e-mail us for our physical address.
PHONE: 619-448-5103
FAX: 619-448-5176
SKYPE: kingvulcan007

Operating Hours:
Monday – Saturday
1330 – 2300+ Pacific Time — I’m a night owl
You can park your plane(s) in front of our   hangars &/or office here on Gillespie Field (SEE).

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