Limit & Indicator Switch

Limit & Indicator Switch

Flaps UP Limit Switch, or Speed Brake(s) & Landing Gear UP / DN Indicator Switch.  For UP and DN mechanical indication ( IA P/N 23AC2 UP and DN switch — click here for a *.pdf drawing with data and specs ) in Retractable Landing Gear Systems, Speed Brake(s), Flaps, canopies, fuel door(s), oil door(s), cowls, baggage door(s), hatches and door(s); Rod Plunger has a 4-40 tapped threaded hole for easy switch adjustment; Silver Contacts; Screw Termination; the bracket is already pre-drilled with 6/32 threaded holes in 5 places for easy mounting; can be wired either Normally Open or Normally Closed; is adjustable; it has the proper electrical screw mounting/termination required for aircraft; and the plunger can be pulled out to help in trouble shooting a circuit.
No other switch has all of these features! — only $50.00 each via cash, check or money order / only $52.00 each via credit card price, plus S & H.

You will receive an e-mail with a tracking number from when we mail your order to you; and if you are paying via credit card, you will receive an e-mail with a credit card receipt from Square Up.

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