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Since our founding August 1980, INFINITY Aerospace has set out to deliver the finest in aviation products.  To this end, we strive to make all our high quality products not just affordable, but to look great, feel great, and work great.

This goes for our service, too.  Because our customers are making an investment in evolving aviation technology, and our ability to provide a state-of-the-art product for them, we believe they deserve to develop a relationship with us that feels great and works great.  Our charge is to take our extensive experience and enthusiasm and deliver to our customers, not only an excellent product, but a tangible value as well.

We deal with a wide range of aviation needs from manufacturing our popular custom Military Style Stick Grips used in most of the world’s top aircraft, producing our Retractable Main Landing Gear for Canards which numerous builders have incorporated on their own aircraft projects, designing Custom Landing Gear for such notable aircraft as South Korea’s NASA’s Smart UAV, to designing our pride and joy, our Infinity 1 Quick Build Kit Canard Sport Aircraft & UAV !

Regardless of the challenge, our goal with all our customers remains consistent:  support, service and satisfaction.  We always maintain the highest standards of excellence.

We encourage you to explore the contents of this site, which will define INFINITY Aerospace more effectively than words like “company” ever could.

Some of what JD used to do:  https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=769841983036329&fref=nf

Pres / CEO / CTO / CFO / Chairman / Grip Whisperer / Chief Bottle Washer / Kwisatz Haderach
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INFINITY Aerospace
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