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  • I use the 10-32 thread x 0.5″ long x 5/8″ OD base Click Bond fasteners made from 300 Series Crest Stainless Steel ( capable of 500 lbs. of pull and 1200 lbs. of shear ) for mounting canard ailerons and rudders ( and for mounting other items in any aircraft, composite or metal ) are only $0.50 each via cash, check or money order / $0.52 each credit card price, plus $4 S & H, and CA Sales Tax ( if you live in CA ).  You will need 14 per Winglet, and 7 per aileron ( 42 total for both rudders and ailerons ), unless you lengthen the ailerons longer than 7.2″ like other canard manufacturers have done following what Dick and I have done.  Then, you should add a 4th aileron hinge like Dick Rutan did for his plane, and like I have done for my Infinity 1 , meaning you will need 9 Click Bonds per aileron ( 46 total for both rudders and ailerons ).  Also, make your rudders full span to the top of the Winglet, then add the 2″ cap at the top ( or don’t add the cap, your choice ).  Dick said he wished he would have done this — it would have been easier to build and retrofit [ OBTW — my rudders operate like a Full Span Split Flap, but in the vertical — only one side comes out, hence no more Rudder control locks needed for parking, and I have more Rudder authority during turns, and I have better speed brakes during descent and for landing ( call any afternoon PT for more details ) ].  Also, do NOT put the spring in-line with the Hidden Rudder System.  If you attach the rudder cable to the rudder pedals where they are supposed to be, the spring will not be needed — and NEVER let a spring control rudder deployment.  Call me any afternoon PT if you have any questions.


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