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  • INFINITY Aerospace also designed and produced the Retractable Main Landing Gear prototype for the Glassic Composite ( now company is renamed KLS — now out of business ) prototype SQ 2000 !

    We also designed the original 3400 lb. GW Maverick Twin Air prop aircraft Retractable Oleo Strut Main Landing Gear ( we didn’t do the nose strut ).  To see two *.jpg pics, for a close-up, and for a 3/4’s view.

    We also designed and had made the prototype set of retracts for the 4560 lb. GW, 700 HP turbo-prop powered, Orion-TS Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear for Orion Aviation.

    We also designed the Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear for the 6300 lb. GW, 700 HP turbo-prop powered, Golden Arrow for Abaris Aircraft.

    We also designed the Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear and outriggers, and had 3 prototype sets made, for South Korea’s NASA’s 2425 lb. GW Smart UAV:

    We should be starting a Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear design, then production, for a 12,500 lb. GW sub-orbital aircraft soon.

    We are the designer and manufacturer of Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear for 2 major aerospace companies for aircraft under 12,500 lbs. Gross Weight.

    Many more designs are forthcoming ( all designed per FAR Part 23 ).  Contact us ANY afternoon Pacific Time M-F if you need Retractable Landing Gear designed ( using Solid Works 3D CAD program, and COSMOS Works FEA ) and / or manufactured ( using the latest CNC mils, lathes and CAM Software available ) for your custom design.

    If you want to contribute to our acquiring a CNC mil, CNC lathe, tooling and CAM software which would make my, and your, landing gear and aircraft parts less costly, let us know.


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