Oleo Nose Strut for Canards

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  • Steerable or castering ( builders choice ) Retractable Oleo Nose Strut for Canards with a 11.5″ diameter Lamb type / style and size tire with attached Mud Fender that will lift a 2200 lb. GW Canard aircraft from the grazing or kneeled position with 4 people, full gas and baggage — and the actuator internally mechanically locks DOWN ( actuator will remain mechanically locked DOWN even with loss of hydraulic pressure — a Safety Feature ).  Our Retractable Oleo Nose Strut System costs less than the present fiberglass nose strut system with electric nose lift, and can be operated off dirt, grass and non-paved runways / fields.  It is steerable up to +/- 25 degrees, then will break out into a 360 degree caster like a tail wheel does.  The plan is for the Retractable Oleo Nose Strut to simply drop into NG-30 were the plans fiberglass retractable nose strut goes — little fiberglass work will be required.  The same bi-rotational pump used for our Main Retract System is used for the Retractable Steerable Oleo Nose Strut.  If you have our Main Retract System, a hydraulic valve with poppet valves and solenoids, and an airspeed switch spliced into the pitot static system ( like Piper Arrows have ), control whether the mains come UP, or not.  The nose strut can always go UP and DN, with or separate from the mains, all controlled via our LGS.  We will have Rudder Pedal drawings, too, or maybe make them and have them available.  Just finishing the Retractable Steerable Oleo Nose Strut and Rudder Pedal drawings now.  Pricing looks to be around $1200.  As you probably ( hopefully ) know, money drives everything, but we hope to have the drawings and prototype done soon ( only $15k more to raise to finish the drawings and prototype ).


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