Pre-Oiler and Back-Up Engine Oil Pump

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  • All-in-one geared electric Pre-Oiler AND Back-Up Engine Oil Pump ( a logical MUST HAVE for *ALL* kinds and types of engines, not just for aircraft and jet engines ).  Besides aircraft, our pumps are used in boats, sail boats, speed boats, race cars, pick-ups, cars, semi trucks, Tractor Pull vehicles, military vehicles, and much more!

    The average pilot, including airline pilot hours, fly on average only 40 hours per year !  Lycoming has an AD that says your engine begins to rust on the inside after only 2 days !!  The closer you can get your engine to a 2000+ hour TBO, the lower your cost per flight hour will be.  The ONLY way you will achieve this, like Jay Leno says, is to Pre-Oil your engine before Engine Start !!!  This goes for ANY engine — engines in aircraft, boats, sail boats, speed boats, race cars, pick-ups, cars, semi trucks, Tractor Pull vehicles, military aircraft and vehicles, and much more !!!  In fact, we already have our engine Pre-Oiler/Back-Up Oil Pumps flying on a WW II TBM-3 Avenger, a 1934 Cabin Waco that won the Oshkosh 2015 Vintage Grand Champion Award, a B-29 engine used on a tractor pull sled, Fairchild F24-R46, Swift, Edge 540 like what is used in Red Bull Races, 2700 twin turbo LSX race car, Triumph Spitfire car, T-6, MkXIV Spitfire, P-51, UH-34D helicopter, 2004 Pontiac GTO, P-40, GO480 Helio Courier, 450 Stearman, a train, 1964 E Jaguar, Bell Helo Lab, FW-190, Bonanza, H34J/S-58 Helo, on 2 Spitfires, 70 Chevelle w/1400 HP ( for his wife to get groceries with ), 2 of our GP303-24’s are on a PBY in New Zealand, and 2 of our GP303-24’s are on a North American B-25 for the CAF in TX,  4 on EAA’s B-17, besides on the other aircraft and vehicles listed on my web site.

    Also, you should always do whatever you can to protect your engine!  You should run your Pre-Oiler at least weekly (probably  more — use a timer like used for batteries if you are away from your engine that you want to Pre-Oil) even if you don’t start your engine to keep things lubed all over.  Also, you should have spray nozzles for your cam &/or a hollow cam from FireWall Forword for your Lycoming which normally relies on slosh AFTER the engine and oil is warmed up AND you advance the throttle off idle RPM.  Also, you should use Cam Guard.  Also, an old, very experienced, IA told me once that you should keep any engine and oil warmed up to 60+ degrees all the time year round.  More info: once the pump is primed for 1st use, you do not need to prime it again because it self primes even when sitting for 5+ years.  No trouble drawing as much as 5′ vertical from source, and has been used around hot engines for 20+ years without a failure — the o-rings are made of Viton and are good to 400 degrees F.

        DELIVERY ( we ship anywhere in the world ) :  Simple — as soon as I receive your order with all your parts that you want, and your address and phone number, I will e-mail you your total.  When I receive your check, I will send you your pump and parts via Priority Mail with a tracking number.  Foreign orders can use a credit card.

    I haven’t received FAA documentation from my customers yet concerning not needing a 337, but the FAA tells my Pre-Oiler customers that because the pump is an external installation and a minor modification, a 337 is not required — just make a log book entry.  Our pumps are used in many military vehicles, too.

    You will receive an e-mail with a tracking number from when we mail your order to you; and if you are paying via credit card, you will receive an e-mail with a credit card receipt from Square Up.


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