Throttle Handle & Quadrant ( HOT )

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  • ( HOT = Hands-On-Throttle ) 1, 2 or 3 lever(s); 7 to 13 switches / 19 functions.  Now, with our HOS ( our Stick Grip ), you have a true HOTAS and can clear off your panel of switches ( almost ) with Safety of Flight items finally at your finger tips ; left and / or right hand models, or center cockpit models, with individual lever friction adjustment for single seat, tandem or side-by-side aircraft ( co-pilot has same switch functions ); mounts in left, right or center console(s), or on the panel; 1 or 2 levers can be removed if not needed, such as for those not having a Constant Speed Prop, or those who have a Computer Controlled Fuel Injection System ( click here for CAD ISO views and for CAD dimensions of our HOT ).  Features besides the switches in the handle ( now you don’t need an Audio Panel, saving you ~$1500 to $2500+ ) — when you advance the Throttle Handle, it drags the Mixture and Prop levers forward for you ( of course you can push them up yourself ), preventing fuel starvation ( and stall/spin ) if you forget the mixture, and preventing engine and / or prop over-speed ( saving you $10,000 to $20,000+ from an engine and / or prop overhaul ) if you forget the prop lever, because of a go-around — kinda like having a Poor Man’s FADEC ( saving you ~$7500 to $10,000+ ), but you can still pull the Mixture aft for leaning and engine UN-flooding, and pull the Prop Lever aft to exercise the prop and set cruise RPM at altitude; you can set the Mixture Lever with the Mixture Set Thumb Screw for higher altitude takeoff’s; Mixture Lever has a Cutoff Safety Feature to keep the pilot from inadvertently shutting the engine off; if you don’t have a constant speed Prop for some reason, you can remove the Prop Lever, or better yet, use it as a Manual Pitch Trim Lever or Carb Heat Lever or Cowl Flaps Lever or Alternate Air Lever; each lever has it’s own Friction Adjustment with a clicking / ratcheting effect like a vernier does ( set each levers friction, and you never need to mess with Lever Friction again ! ), but one lever does NOT move the other lever as in other certified quadrants; built-in adjustable Knee Board and chart LED Map Lights molded into the corners of the handle; “Throttle Near Idle Switch” that will warn you, or even lower, your landing gear if your landing gear is not DN ( this switch is in series with a pressure switch Tee’d into the Pitot Static System set at 1.3 times stall speed ); “Throttle Above ~2100 RPM Switch” that will warn you if the Canopy is not latched, turn your Transponder ON, turn ON your Airframe Flight Time Clock [ this feature is in series with a pressure switch Tee’d into the Pitot Static System set at Gross Weight ( GW ) stall speed], turn your Strobes ON ( this feature is in series with a pressure switch Tee’d into the Pitot Static System set at stall speed ), turn ON your Landing / Taxi Light [ day or night ] to help with runway incursion(s) [ the FAA is hot on this lately ], automatically retract your Speed Brakes &/or Flaps [ Flaps retract at GW stall speed ], allow the landing gear to come UP ( this switch is in series with a pressure switch Tee’d into the Pitot Static System set at 1.3 times stall speed ); and / or control whatever else you want. UPDATE:  the prototypes ( click here for pics of the Left Prototype, and click here for cockpit pics of the front HOT being installed ) were a big hit at Sun ‘N Fun and Oshkosh !  Pricing looks to be between $1200 and $1400 all wired up — you will spend at least that much ( probably MORE ! ) doing everything separately yourself, and you will NOT have all the HOT features we offer ( you will save weight AND panel space, too, besides costs ); AND, our HOT could save you over $32,500 [ now you can afford to buy that EFIS you always wanted 🙂 ].  We will also have a version for Turbine Aircraft so the prop will go to Beta.  And if there is enough interest, we will make a HOT for twin engine aircraft, too.  We hope to have the single engine piston and rotary units ready SOON ( only $50K more to raise for the production tooling ) !  NOTE — we are now taking $100 deposit orders and will notify you when they are ready.


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