Wing Root & Flight Control Spherical Bearings for Canards

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  • [ 5/8″ spherical bearing ID ] and light weight housing for Flight Controls and Wing Root Aileron Bearings ( *.jpg ) for Canards, with installation hardware, instructions and pictures ( each entire assembly weighs only 2.9 oz. ) — only $50 each via cash, check or money order / $52 each via credit card price, plus S & H ( click here for an assembly pic ).

    Wing Root & Flight Control Spherical Bearings for Canards


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    INFO — I’ve looked at a few different plastic spherical bearings over the years in the hopes of finding something so I would not have to make my present Spherical Bearings for my Infinity 1 Wing Roots and Flight Controls.  I even purchased the Triangle, Mfg. FMN10 nylon spherical bearing that are contained in a flanged, stamped metal cage ( looks like metal that is used to make a soup can ) that both Aircraft Spruce and Wicks sell, that a few say to use for your canard plane.  But, after getting them, I concluded I wasn’t wild about having plastic bearings in my engine compartment ( in the wing roots OR on the firewall — even though there is a t h i n fire barrier at the wing root ).  Also, upon close examination of the workings of this plastic ball, when this plastic ball is *forced* to rotate, the pot metal tangs the pot metal housing is made from ( like what’s used for soup cans ) holding the ball, the tangs bind on the ball and shaves the plastic ball !  So, in time, the ball will rattle causing stick slop and probably flutter, and the tangs can still dig in causing binding ( maybe others aren’t as picky as I am :-\ ).  So any who, I didn’t like this either.  Therefore, I use my Spherical Bearings for my Infinity 1 Wing Roots and Flight Controls — so should you !  MANY ( most ) already do 🙂 .

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