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  • People are always commenting on my Area 51 poster in my office window and asking,”is this that place I saw on ’60 Minutes’ or ’20/20′ ?”.  And I would answer, “Yes! “, then close my office door — LOTS of laughs!!  EVERY respectable Sport Aircraft builder should have at least 1 of these 24″ x 36″ color posters in their shop ; only $11.00 each via cash, check or money order / $11.50 each via credit card price, plus S & H, and CA Sales Tax ( if you live in CA ).

    Area 51 page updated 09 / 02 / 2016 by JD

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  • I use the 10-32 thread x 0.5″ long x 5/8″ OD base Click Bond fasteners made from 300 Series Crest Stainless Steel ( capable of 500 lbs. of pull and 1200 lbs. of shear ) for mounting canard ailerons and rudders ( and for mounting other items in any aircraft, composite or metal ) are only $0.50 each via cash, check or money order / $0.52 each credit card price, plus $4 S & H, and CA Sales Tax ( if you live in CA ).  You will need 14 per Winglet, and 7 per aileron ( 42 total for both rudders and ailerons ), unless you lengthen the ailerons longer than 7.2″ like other canard manufacturers have done following what Dick and I have done.  Then, you should add a 4th aileron hinge like Dick Rutan did for his plane, and like I have done for my Infinity 1 , meaning you will need 9 Click Bonds per aileron ( 46 total for both rudders and ailerons ).  Also, make your rudders full span to the top of the Winglet, then add the 2″ cap at the top ( or don’t add the cap, your choice ).  Dick said he wished he would have done this — it would have been easier to build and retrofit [ OBTW — my rudders operate like a Full Span Split Flap, but in the vertical — only one side comes out, hence no more Rudder control locks needed for parking, and I have more Rudder authority during turns, and I have better speed brakes during descent and for landing ( call any afternoon PT for more details ) ].  Also, do NOT put the spring in-line with the Hidden Rudder System.  If you attach the rudder cable to the rudder pedals where they are supposed to be, the spring will not be needed — and NEVER let a spring control rudder deployment.  Call me any afternoon PT if you have any questions.

    Click Bond page updated  02 / 23 / 2017 by  JD

    For other Click Bond Products, view their website: http://www.ClickBond.com

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  • INFINITY Aerospace also designed and produced the Retractable Main Landing Gear prototype for the Glassic Composite ( now company is renamed KLS — now out of business ) prototype SQ 2000 !

    We also designed the original 3400 lb. GW Maverick Twin Air prop aircraft Retractable Oleo Strut Main Landing Gear ( we didn’t do the nose strut ).  To see two *.jpg pics, for a close-up, and for a 3/4’s view.

    We also designed and had made the prototype set of retracts for the 4560 lb. GW, 700 HP turbo-prop powered, Orion-TS Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear for Orion Aviation.

    We also designed the Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear for the 6300 lb. GW, 700 HP turbo-prop powered, Golden Arrow for Abaris Aircraft.

    We also designed the Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear and outriggers, and had 3 prototype sets made, for South Korea’s NASA’s 2425 lb. GW Smart UAV:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHW8_bEJN2Y&sns=em.

    We should be starting a Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear design, then production, for a 12,500 lb. GW sub-orbital aircraft soon.

    We are the designer and manufacturer of Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear for 2 major aerospace companies for aircraft under 12,500 lbs. Gross Weight.

    Many more designs are forthcoming ( all designed per FAR Part 23 ).  Contact us ANY afternoon Pacific Time M-F if you need Retractable Landing Gear designed ( using Solid Works 3D CAD program, and COSMOS Works FEA ) and / or manufactured ( using the latest CNC mils, lathes and CAM Software available ) for your custom design.

    If you want to contribute to our acquiring a CNC mil, CNC lathe, tooling and CAM software which would make my, and your, landing gear and aircraft parts less costly, let us know.

    Custom Landing Gear Design pages updated 05 / 17 / 2016 by JD

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  • For a fraction of the cost !, 7781 / .009″ thick / 8.92 oz. per sq. yd. E-Glass used in Lancair’s and Glasair’s; and 120 / .004″ thick / 3.16 oz. per sq. yd. E-Glass used to cover wood props and model airplane wings.

    Fiberglass Rolls page updated  02 /25 / 2017  by  JD

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  • Flaps UP Limit Switch, or Speed Brake(s) & Landing Gear UP / DN Indicator Switch.  For UP and DN mechanical indication ( IA P/N 23AC2 UP and DN switch — click here for a *.pdf drawing with data and specs ) in Retractable Landing Gear Systems, Speed Brake(s), Flaps, canopies, fuel door(s), oil door(s), cowls, baggage door(s), hatches and door(s); Rod Plunger has a 4-40 tapped threaded hole for easy switch adjustment; Silver Contacts; Screw Termination; the bracket is already pre-drilled with 6/32 threaded holes in 5 places for easy mounting; can be wired either Normally Open or Normally Closed; is adjustable; it has the proper electrical screw mounting/termination required for aircraft; and the plunger can be pulled out to help in trouble shooting a circuit.
    No other switch has all of these features! — only $36.50 each via cash, check or money order / only $38.00 each via credit card price, plus S & H.

    Limit & Indicator Switch page updated  01 / 27 / 2017  by  JD

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  • MATCO ( click here for a *.pdf file of prices ) [ used on Spaceship 1 ]

    Matco’s production facilities — 67+% of all Sport Aircraft use Matco wheels and brakes ) wheels, brakes, axles ( click here for *.jpg pics of assemblies ) and installation ( click here for a *.pdf ), Master Brake Cylinders ( Horizontal and four MC-4 installation or two MC-4 installation / Vertical and installation ), Reservoir ( for MC-4 Horizontal Master Brake Cylinders ) Clear Reservoir pic ( MUCH easier to pre-flight and service! ), Parking Brake Valve and installation ( click here for all the reasons to have a Parking Brake Valve ), and other MATCO products — you’ll get the best prices here! *YOU* need to decide which brakes are the best for *YOUR* aircraft’s stopping needs, so see what the FAA says by clicking here for a discussion of Brake Kinetic Energy Requirements per FAR Part 23.735 ; click here for how to Maximize the Output of your Brakes by Getting Your Pedal Geometry Right and why JD uses the MATCO Brake System for the Infinity 1 ; and so should you for your canard, or other, high performance aircraft using 5.00 x 5 size wheels and brakes.

    MATCO Aircraft Wheels, Brakes, Axles & Parking Brake Valves

    pages updated 05 / 17 / 2016 by JD

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  • Computer balanced aircraft tires that last 4 to 8+ times longer than other aircraft tires ; and, their tubes DO NOT LEAK — you’ll get the best tire and tube prices from us !

    Michelin Aircraft Tires & Leak Proof Tubes page updated 09 / 03 / 2016 by JD

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  • All-in-one geared electric Pre-Oiler AND Back-Up Engine Oil Pump ( a logical MUST have for *ALL* kinds and types of engines, not just for aircraft engines ).  Besides aircraft, used in boats, sail boats, speed boats, race cars, pick-ups, cars, semi trucks, Tractor Pull vehicles, and much more!

    Pre-Oiler and Back-Up Engine Oil Pump pages updated  10 / 28 / 2016 by  JD

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