Infinity 1 High Performance Quick Build Kit Canard Sport Aircraft

Infinity 1 High Performance Quick Build Kit Canard Sport Aircraft

Designed by INFINITY Aerospace , the Infinity 1 High Performance Quick Build Kit Canard Sport Aircraft offers one of the largest cockpits in its class, with 80 cubic feet of interior passenger volume.  Headroom is 36.0 inches in the front and 35.0 inches in the rear seats.

At only $39,995.00, the Infinity 1 pre-preg and vacuum bag High Performance Quick Build Kit Sport Aircraft comes equipped with ALL airframe parts and hardware; wings, winglets and canard come complete in primer paint, pre-molded bulkheads and ribs, fuselage and strakes ( top and bottom ) pre-molded in primer paint, as well as antennas, conduits and heat ducts installed.  This means the basic VFR Infinity 1 can be completed in only 600 to 1000+ hours!

The Infinity 1 also sports two of the most innovative designs in canard aviation.  An electro-hydraulic retractable tricycle oleo strut landing gear comes standard with all Infinity 1 Quick Build Kits.  Boasting a 46 degree Turn-Over Angle ( TOA ), the oleo retract gear design has been drop tested at 2200 lbs. per FAR’s with the fuel tanks full of water, and is U.S. and Canadian FAA approved.  A steerable oleo nose strut with Lamb size tire also is standard.  This nose strut is designed to retract on deck and set the aircraft on it’s nose for easy ingress and egress for both the pilot and passenger(s).

Current design options for the Infinity 1 include mounted baggage pods and pylons.  These pods and pylons provide an additional 5+ cubic feet of cargo space.  Added to the standard 20 cubic feet in the strakes and cockpit, this gives the Infinity 1 well over 25 cubic feet of baggage area.

If you’re looking for the best in aviation products, continue looking to INFINITY Aerospace .  Behind our name lies a philosophy of maintaining an international viewpoint, and remaining dedicated to supplying aviation products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.

The final prototype is complete except for the Big Buck items — the instrument panel, and the firewall aft.

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