Military Style Stick Grips ( HOS )

Military Style Stick Grips ( HOS )


We don’t mean to upset you by asking you to read everything on my Stick Grip pages, but we offer a HUGE service to our customers ( no one else in the world does this ! ) by offering 65,536 switch combinations of Right and Left Hand matching Military Style Custom made Stick Grips, wired up with the switches of your choice, for only $200 / $208 cc each — ONLY ones like them in the world !  These Stick Grip pages are VERY helpful to you in figuring out which kind of switch you want in which position of your Custom Stick Grips.  In fact, probably 99.99+% of all your questions are answered on our web site.

We have years of experience ( since Jan. 1994 ) in making our Stick Grips for thousands of customers, for thousands of aircraft, and hundreds of applications, world wide.  If you just pick up the phone to order without knowing which switches you want in which positions, you’ll end up spending a bit of time going back and forth on the phone researching out your needs and options.  The intent of my Stick Grip pages is to save you ( and us ) time and $money$ 🙂 .

Soooo, PLEASE thoroughly read through all the information in the tabs below to help you figure out what switches you want installed in which positions in your Custom Stick Grips, extra length of cable you may want ( ~2.5 / ~76.2 cm feet of cable out of the bottom of the Stick Grip is standard ), whether or not you will need a spacer(s), and what size spacer you need, or order our ergonomic Stick Grip Pivot Spacer, co-pilot isolate switch, relays, and more.

Again, thank you ever so much for your understanding and support !

Stick Grip pages updated  12 / 08 / 2018  by  JD

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